ESP&TS Mentoring Team

Dr Roslyn Neilson

Dr Roslyn Neilson Dr Roslyn Neilson is a Private Speech-Language Pathologist, specialising in children with reading difficulties. She completed a Ph.D. in 1998 at the University of Wollongong on the topic of Phonological Awareness and Word Recognition Skills in Children with Reading Difficulties. She has retired from her private clinical practice, but still works in [...]

Therese Corben

Therese Corben Therese Corben has worked for the DET for over 30 years and has had roles as a classroom Teacher and executive Teacher in a diverse range of schools. She had an executive role in Student Services for 6 years, working with students with learning difficulties and behaviour disorders. Therese was a leader in [...]

Rosie Hodges

Rosie Hodges Rosie is a qualified speech pathologist and a final year PhD student at the University of Sydney. Her PhD focuses on the speech and language skills of toddlers who are late to start talking. She has presented her research at two international conferences and is currently working to publish the research findings. Rosie’s [...]