Hi Sue and team

After such wonderful learning with your team while working at Chullora Public School and William Stimson Public School, I would very much like my new school to be involved in your exceptional programs in 2015. Would it be possible to arrange a visit in the near future to discuss with our leadership team the type of services that you offer with a view of working with you in the 2015 school year?

Hear from you soon,

Jodie Clark
Instructional Leader

15th May, 2014


Hi Sue,
Just thought i should touch base with you about Olivia. She is doing an
amazing job! We have had some staff TPL, staff participating in lessons this
week and parent involvement after that.
Olivia’s presentation to our staff was informative, engaging and practical.
What a confident, knowledgeable, approachable member of your team and ours!


Jodi Niedermayer
Deputy Principal
Claymore Public School

24 August, 2013


Hi Alyssa
I’ve really enjoyed having you in the classroom and I’ve learnt a lot. We’re working on texts that record information (procedures, instructions, information report). One of the features  is that they often start with an action verb so I’d be happy if you could reinforce that?


Debbie Brandon
Assistant Principal


Thank you so much for your wonderful program Alyssa.  I feel like I am learning just as much as the children. I think that some work on procedural texts, command words etc would be great – as per Debbie’s email. Also, I have one student who I would like you to have a special look at during the lesson next Tuesday.  I will speak to you about him before the lesson.

Thanks again,



Hi Alyssa,

You’ve been great this year.  The energy you bring to the class is amazing.  As for our needs, I’ll just say ‘ditto’ to what Debbie wrote.


Betsy Pickering
24th May 2013


Hello Sue

I have just been browsing your website after printing off one of Tina‘s  summaries and decided that I should contact you with some feedback…

We are really enjoying the program and teachers directly involved with their classes are giving lots of positive praise and feedback. The children are responding well and highly engaged in most sessions. Teachers are often sharing observations on how it is impacting on other learning activities. Both students and teachers are using their new skills and strategies in other lessons. In some classes the students are prompting their teachers!

Tina herself  is very efficient and extremely professional! She has also proven to be extremely flexible and coped with a number of variations to routine in the last weeks of Term 1. She is great to work with, always smiling and looking for ways to improve our program.

Kindest regards,

Julie Truscott
Assistant Principal
Merrylands Public School

3rd May 2013


Dear Erica,

Thank you for this comprehensive review of what has been achieved in term one. You certainly have identified a number of needs.
Thank you for all your work. This information will certainly assist us in tailoring experiences to meet the children’s needs.
I have been very impressed by your professionalism and the dedicated manner in which you have contributed to our staff.
Kind regards and best wishes.
St Joseph’s Primary School
1st May 2013

Summary of All Schools’ Teachers’ Evaluation of ESP&TS programs Semester 1 2012


Just letting you know we couldn’t be more impressed with Allison! Allison has just slotted so well into our school community – a natural fit. Her efficiency and professionalism is impeccable.

Sue you must be extremely pleased with the calibre of your students, Allison is a gem!

Warm regards,
Melissa  Vallorani (29th November, 2011)


The Hon. Adrian Piccoli BEc, LLB MP

Minister for Education

Dear Minister,

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the outstanding services of a suburban Public school that you as a Minster for education should be made aware and have good knowledge of.

I am a proud parent of a child, who will need special care and attention for his preschool classes for 2012.

I was somewhat taken back and was very impressed at the friendly reception and the care and concern that the Administration of the school has shown to me for my son, who is severely delayed in his speech development.

Like most parents, my first point of call was the Principal of the school. I was acknowledged soon after I sent a letter expressing the concern I have for my son’s preschool education in 2012.

A meeting as arranged for my wife and I to meet with the Principal of the school, Mrs. Cheryl McBride.

To our amazement, Principal Mrs. Cheryl McBride, Deputy Principal Mrs. Rosie Farnham and School Councilor Mrs. Toni Brown, Greeted us with open arms. They were prepared to assist us in any way to make sure our son Christopher are not being disadvantage of.

The action they took showed me, the serious and genuine concern that they have for our son Christopher. They have also anticipated for further support resource to aid him for the severity of his Speech delay problems.

I was invited to bring my son Christopher in for a small session with a group of preschool student to see how he would cope. I found that the teachers were very supportive and showed good understanding of his speech problem, his mood and his behavior.

There are no words that I can describe to you, for our sincere respected for the group of Teachers, Counselor, Speech Therapist and Preschools Support Officers (aids worker) for a worried parents like us. Able to put up with kids of such a tender age, it is a handful within itself, let alone trying to educate them.

I’m putting my hat down, for teacher as a whole who are providing for the welfare and Benefits of our children’s education for the futures of their  life. It is these teacher and school such as the liked of Canley Vale Public school that will give our children the opportunity to succeed and progress beyond their years of early childhood learning.

I wish society would produce more people like the Staff members of Canley Vale Public School. People with this ethical nature, is very hard to come by in this modern society that we live in. People of this calibre will give you a sense of comfort, relief and reassurance.

I believe in the old work ethic that people who are providing an outstanding service to the community should be noted and praise for their work. I asked, if possible that my comments to the school and its staff be placed in the circular on the NSW Education Department‘s newsletter.

These are the names and details of the school Principal, Deputy Principal, Teachers, Teachers Aides, Counselor and Speech Therapist.

Mrs. Cheryl McBride-­‐ Principal

Mrs. Rosie Farnham -­‐ Assistant Principal

Mrs. Toni Brown-­‐ School Counsellor

Ms. Jessica Chee -­‐ School Speech Therapist

Preschool Teachers-­‐ Mrs. Kathrine Geer, Mrs. Rhonda Moussoui, Mrs. Mary‐Ann Dabit

Preschools Support Officers (aides)Mrs. Luise Debiasi, Mrs. Rita Arcon

My Regards and respect to you and your team.

Chung Tran (Sunday, November 27th, 2011)


The speech program is definitely one of THE best things we have done to support students and families since my time at VEPS (14 years!!)
So again, thank you.
Debbie Penrose
(16th November, 2011)


Greenacre Public School began our Talking and Listening Program, known as the ‘speechies’ program, with Sue Wilks and her team of speech pathology students in 2006 and it has continued until the present time, extending over the years into Years 1 and 2, and then into the primary classes.

The program has been continued because it makes a difference for our students, including specific group work on vocabulary development, sentence structure, asking a question, phonemic awareness, grouping information for writing, public speaking skills and ‘dressing up’ sentences.

Our teachers believe the program is very successful; positively impacting on the way they deliver their lessons. More talking happens before any writing, with specific focus on sentence structure and vocabulary. The specific visual symbols used for discussion and writing have been incorporated into all writing programs with talking and listening games being used as lesson breakers. All teachers are now incorporating “speechie’ activities into other curriculum areas.

Students are now conscious of speaking in sentences and know how to ‘dress up’ sentences to have an impact on writing. The six Ls (look, listen, laps, legs, lips closed, ready to learn) has made a huge impact with every student knowing what is expected of them.

Our observations support the extensive research indicating the importance of talk in improving student outcomes in reading and writing. The ‘speechies’ program is a vital part of our school’s work in literacy.

Vincent King
Greenacre Public School (16th March, 2010)

If you would like to leave feedback for the Educational Speech Pathology and Therapy Services team please contact Sue Wilks, Practice Manager.